Google's Pixel Stand does not come cheap, but you'd naturally expect it to work flawlessly if you decided to drop $79 on it. Well, Google might have some work to do there. Some Pixel Stand owners are beginning to complain that photo frame mode, one of the exclusive Pixel Stand features, just doesn't work.

In the Pixel Stand settings, you can configure your Pixel 3 or 3 XL to show a slideshow of your Google Photos content. It's similar to the Home Hub, allowing you to choose specific albums for your slideshow. When the feature works, you just set your phone on the Stand and photos will begin appearing about 30 seconds later. Numerous people in this forum thread say it's not working at all.

I've tested the photo frame feature a few times, but I don't leave it on. It still works as of this posting, but reports of issues are scattered. The problem may lie with the phone rather than the stand—possibly Assistant or the Pixel Stand service app. One user says a factory reset fixed the problem. Most devices seem to work fine, but this is something to be wary of if you're going to spend $79 on a wireless charger.