Every year as we gear up for Black Friday sales, a few companies like to get a head start and clear out your wallet early. Anker just dropped prices for eleven different products over on Amazon as "deal of the day" promotions, including a handful of AC adapters, cables, a couple of batteries, and two "fast" Qi chargers.

We haven't had the chance to review any of these products ourselves, but reviews are universally favorable, and Anker's known to be one of the better inexpensive power accessory brands. I don't doubt that both of the batteries on offer perform reasonably.

If you just picked up a Pixel 3 and Google's ridiculous pricing for the Pixel Stand hasn't convinced you to pick up a Qi charger yet, you can nab either Anker's flat charging pad or angled stand for significantly less than what Google is asking. You won't get fast charging out of either on a Pixel, but they should spit more power to a compatible Samsung phone.

Sadly, none of the discounted wall or car chargers use USB-C, though they are cheap enough you might not care too much, especially if you want one with an FM transmitter via Bluetooth for use in an older car. And of course, you can never have too many cables, and Anker has both USB-A to C and Micro-USB varieties on discount.

Just be sure to act quickly, there are only another nine hours before these deals expire. Some of them could be back (or even better) come Black Friday, though they could also be gone.



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