Say what you will of Activision's Call of Duty series, one thing is for sure: it is hands down the most popular first-person shooter in existence today. It's thanks to this popularity that a stand-alone app such as the Call of Duty Companion App can exist. It serves as a 24/7 connection to all things Call of Duty, which means you can instantly analyze your performance, receive tailored recommendations, stay on top of the latest news, and most importantly, keep track of your friends so that you always know when they are online.

Not only can you keep track of whether or not your friends are signed in, but you can also follow their progress and compare their achievements to yours. You can also form squads with up to 20 other players, which is useful for earning some sweet in-game rewards. Of course, one of the most essential features for any player trying to improve their skills is the personalized match reports and gameplay analysis. You can expect up to date stats for your weapons, equipment, and loadouts, plus heat maps that track every bullet and movement. This way you can clearly see all the areas on a map that you have trouble with.

So far reviews on the Play Store are mixed. It would seem quite a few people are having trouble with the app force closing on them, as well as issues with logging in. It usually takes a few days for problems like these to get ironed out, though it would be nice to see apps like this that actually work as expected upon release. After all, it's not like Activision is some indie studio with a lack of funds for testing its products.

At the very least the Call of Duty Companion App is completely free to use. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases to muddy up the experience, which is appreciated.

If you are a hardcore Call of Duty player, then an app like this is indispensable thanks to its many helpful tips and features, well, that is if you can actually sign into the app without it force closing on you. The included heat maps should prove to be a big boon for any player trying to improve their skills, and it's always nice to know when your friends are online so that you can easily join them. So if you'd like to up your game, make sure to grab the Call of Duty Companion App from the widget below.