External batteries are nearly a dime a dozen if you're willing to settle for small capacity and low-amp output over USB Type-A, but if you prefer something bigger with USB Type-C, a decent wattage, and Power Delivery compatibility, choices are both fewer and more expensive. Thankfully for the astute deal-seeker, RAVPower's voluminous 26,800mAh Type-C 30W PD battery is over 30% off over at Amazon at $54 (previously $80). Act fast, though. This is a Lightning Deal that's already 60% claimed which expires in two hours. 

We haven't reviewed this particular battery, but based on the 4.3-star average over at Amazon, it must be pretty decent. That 26,800mAh capacity means it's right on the edge of what's allowable on a flight, and the 30W of PD output over USB Type-C should be enough to top up your phone (or your Nintendo Switch), and even some laptops under light use.

In addition to the Type-C port — which works for both output and input — you've also got a pair of Type-A ports for output at up to 2.4A each or 3.4A total. RAVPower also has one of the better warranties out there, with an 18-month base warranty, plus a 12-month extension after registration.

Certain devices, like the Google Pixelbook and XPS 13, are explicitly labeled as incompatible, so be sure to check that section of the product description in the listing if you have a device in mind. And again, this deal is set to expire in just two hours, so act fast if you're interested (though we could see better promos come Black Friday).

Just like that, the two hours (and this deal) are gone.