This is a sad day for rabid OnePlus fans who always need to be on the latest software build. The much-beloved Oxygen Updater app can't grab the latest software build for you anymore, leaving you at the mercy of the slow rollout. Might as well go buy a Samsung phone, right?

I'm joking about Samsung, but the loss of Oxygen Updater will be a real blow to the enthusiast community. It had more than 100,000 installs on the Play Store, and it worked really well. As soon as new OTA updates were on OnePlus' servers, Oxygen Updater could download them to your device. OnePlus was kind enough to provide manual OTA installation from the settings menu, so the whole process was a breeze.

As of today, the Oxygen Updater app throws an error when you try to use it. According to the developers, a change on OnePlus' update servers has broken the app's functionality, and there's no known fix for this. The notice is vague on whether or not the developers are going to continue working on the problem or just hope for things to change. Oddly, the app's listing doesn't include any warning about the busted functionality at this time. We're crossing our fingers that something changes and Oxygen Updater comes back.

Oxygen Updater
Oxygen Updater
Developer: Adhiraj S. Chauhan
Price: Free+