We're currently getting tips reporting a bug that's causing Google Play Music to be unusable. "Too many devices used with music library" is the message users are getting, regardless of how many they actually have linked in their account.

This isn't a new issue, with complaints going back as far as June on the Google Play support pages, but there appears to be a new outbreak of affected accounts in the last two hours, in addition to those who have written to us about it. All devices may appear as unknown when this happens, and deauthorizing one or two doesn't seem to fix it.


Even Artem is experiencing the issue.

Some of the newest reports are suggesting it's back up already, with advice like reinstalling the app perhaps doing the trick. Maybe it's simply that something is broken on Google's end and they're already on top of it — it's hard to say. Let us know if this is affecting you or if you've found a way to fix the problem.

Well, that was a lousy way to start the day if you rely on Google for entertainment during your morning commute, but the good news is that the outage seems to have largely resolved itself. We still haven't seen any formal comment from Google on what went wrong, but multiple reports from users initially hit by this bug point to it being over. If it's still bothering you, sit tight, and hopefully all will be resolved soon.

  • Thanks:
  • Craig Dean,
  • Anthony Gorman