Crappy posts are part and parcel with any social network, and Twitter has more than its fair share of spam, scams, and bald-faced lies. The platform has always allowed users to report spammy posts, but now, the functionality is getting more granular, letting you specify the particular type of spam you're flagging.

When reporting a tweet as "suspicious or spam," you can now choose between five different reasons for doing so: the account that tweeted the message is fake; the tweet directs to "a potentially harmful, malicious, or phishing site;" it contains unrelated hashtags; or it uses replies to spam. You can also report that "it's something else," which is, obviously, for spam-related issues that don't fall into the other categories.

It's good to see social networks working to be proactive in purging low-quality or potentially harmful content. Hopefully a better reporting system will help Twitter more effectively prevent spam from happening in the first place.

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