Uber and Lyft, America's two ride-sharing giants, are always going toe-to-toe in terms of new features and functionality. The latest move comes from Uber, which has just introduced something called Ride Pass to five major cities: Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando. Ride Pass costs $14.99/month (but $24.99/month in LA) and nets subscribers flat discounted rates on their Uber and UberX trip fares.

The exact discounts that Ride Pass will produce will vary from person to person, though Uber says that it'll save subscribers up to 15% on overall monthly travel. The flat rates will presumably depend on the average distance/time that the rider in question traditionally takes. Ride Pass fares apparently aren't privy to surge pricing based on weather, traffic, and time of day, which is a nice bonus. It's worth noting that LA users also get access to bikes and scooters with their $24.99/month, so the extra $10 is at least somewhat justifiable.

Ride Passes are available today in the aforementioned five cities, and the discounts will be trackable via a section in the Uber app. By default, the passes will automatically renew, but that can easily be toggled off.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Thanks, Zevi!