The United States' most popular mobile payments platform, Starbucks, has always been useful for those who frequent the chain. With this week's update v5, though, it's getting considerably nicer to use, with easier access to the barcode screen and the ability to remember your order as you navigate the app.

There's now a prominent button that'll take you to the barcode Starbucks' baristas scan to charge you for your order. Additionally — and this is a big one — Starbucks will remember the order you're building should you venture to other parts of the app (it's bizarre it didn't always do that). Here's the full changelog:

Hi there, coffee lovers. We’re excited to share the new navigation in our app. It’s now easier than ever to get what you need, like the barcode screen from the one-tap Pay button. And, your order now stays in your bag as you explore other features in the app. Your thumbs will thank you.

The Starbucks app is sort of known for its less-than-stellar navigation, so it's good to see the squeaky wheel get the grease, so to speak. The refreshed app is available now on the Play Store, or you could grab it from APK Mirror, if you'd prefer.

Price: Free