Just a day after launching its new flagship, OnePlus is already making good on its promises. Yesterday, the company announced that the new Nightscape feature to improve low-light and nighttime photography would come to the OnePlus 6 and here we are. Open Beta 6 adds just that, as well as several other things.

Here's the changelog:

  • New navigation gestures
  • Improved UI for About Phone
  • Updated Android security patch to 2018.11
  • Improvements for taking screenshot experience
  • New Google quick search bar
  • Added Nightscape mode
  • Improved zoom in/out overall experience
  • Supported more photos shown in your PHOTO tab
  • Supported swipe-down gesture to go back to timeline when viewing your photo

After digging around, it's pretty clear that this beta has a lot going on. Obviously, the highlight that most people will pay attention to is the addition of Nightscape, but I think there are two other things here worth noting. First up is a new navigation gesture. I've made a concerted effort recently to use OnePlus' gestures on my OP6 and I've found it's really not all that bad. My biggest complaint was the loss of the app switching shortcut, which is tied to double-tapping the recents button in traditional Android navigation. OnePlus has now addressed that. Swipe up from the center and hold it (like you would to access the overview), but instead of releasing, flick over to the right and release. Sounds complicated, but it will ALT+TAB you between your most recent app and your current one.

The other change in this update is something that doesn't affect you or me much at all, but simultaneously makes a visual improvement while stepping away from a core Android aesthetic. OnePlus completely redesigned the About Phone screen, making it look more like what Scott calls "a phone store sticker." It presents you with the basic information about your device, plus some software information like the OxygenOS version and build number. You can access other info like IMEI, IP, and security patch status in the Status submenu.

We're not done yet, though. OnePlus says that this Open Beta comes with the November security patch (and the About Phone -> Status screen corroborates that). There's also the addition of a Google quick search bar in the OnePlus Launcher and some navigation improvements in the stock Gallery app. Other than perhaps the Pie update, this is the biggest Open Beta for the OnePlus 6 yet.

Left: Ooh, fancy

For the first time since I started using the app, Oxygen Updater lagged behind my phone's built-in update checker. I usually don't have that kind of luck.