August, maker of smart door locks and doorbell cameras, has announced further integrations of its devices with Google Assistant — as well as some other features coming to Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. So if you have one of the company's products, or if you're considering them, you can now do more with voice commands and smart automations.

For Google Assistant, two new features are available. You could already lock your door and ask about its status, but now you can also unlock your August Smart Lock with Assistant. Say "Hey Google, unlock the front door," and you'll be asked to provide a security code to verify it's you. This, as far as I can tell, is the first time Assistant has supported unlock commands, and it appears that Google has chosen security codes as an authentication method, similar to Alexa. Another addition is that your August Doorbell Cam Pro will start announcing visitors, like Nest Hello already does. It's not clear if the name of the person will be said or just that the doorbell has been rung, though.

To get these two features working, you will need to unlink and relink August in your Assistant/Google Home settings. By doing so, you'll trigger a new onboarding process that will ask you to provide the security code for the lock as well as check if you want to link your cam to the Assistant for announcements.

For Amazon Alexa users, unlocking doors has already been possible, so the new addition is visitor announcement for the Doorbell Cam Pro. You can enable this from the August Smart Home skill in the Alexa app, and even better, you can create routines that happen when motion is detected or the doorbell button is pressed. For example, lights can flicker or creepy music can play for Halloween.

And finally, if proper automations are your shtick, August has updated its IFTTT channel so you can now use doorbell cam motion and button presses as triggers for any action you want.

The Google Assistant integration is also available on Yale Assure Locks, which are powered by August.