When browsing the web these days, it's common to see a big banner or dialog asking for cookie consent every time you visit a site. Thanks to GDPR, this is now a legal requirement in the EU, so you'll encounter it multiple times a day. Opera Browser Beta is offering you chance to get rid of them.

It's an extension of the app's ad blocker, with a new toggle to "Block cookie dialogs" and a further check box letting you "Automatically accept cookie dialogs," which, let's be honest, we all do anyway without even reading them (To be clear: this is not what I'd advise you to do — it's always best to read before accepting).

I tried it out on a few popular UK websites, and the results were varied. For example, BBC iPlayer's dialog at the top of the page remained, but The Guardian's banner did disappear — it will depend on how the dialog is implemented by each site.

Even if it only works some of the time, it's still likely to be a big time-saver, so I'm all for it. You can try the new cookie dialog blocker by updating to the latest version of Opera Browser Beta on the Play Store (link below) or you can download it from APK Mirror instead.

Opera browser beta
Opera browser beta
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