The notch on the Pixel 3 XL is probably one of the most derided smartphone features in history, or, judging by our comments section, the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the universe. A wonderfully apt bug experienced by a small number of users manifests itself as an additional notch on the right side of the display, and it could hardly be funnier.

I must admit that I saw this on Twitter over the weekend and just assumed that it was a prank. Turns out that it's a real-life bug experienced by several users, including Jessie Burroughs, Kyle Gutschow, and UrAvgConsumer. We're not sure what's causing it, but it could be something to do with the screen rotation setting getting a bit confused about its orientation.

In all three of the examples we've seen, the users reported that the issue went away after a restart or fiddling with the developer settings, so at least it's not a permanent problem. Anyone who bought a Pixel 3 XL probably decided that the notch didn't bother them that much, but we're not sure how they'd feel about another one showing up unannounced.

Google just reached out to let us know that not only is the company aware of this highly anomalous behavior, but that a fix should be "coming soon." If you really enjoy tripped-out Pixel 3 XL glitches, bask in this one while you can.

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