There doesn't seem to be a particular rhyme or reason to the new stores Google brings on board with Google Express these days, but dang it if they ain't numerous. It feels like every time we bring you a list of the latest companies to sell their wares through Google's storefront, we've got dozens and dozens of entries representing all variety of retailers. This edition's no different, as we check out the 87 new stores to arrive on Google Express.

We've got shoe stores, flag companies, sporting-goods retailers, and plenty of makeup and beauty firms. While there aren't a lot of big names among them, they offer in variety what they lack in stature.

Not all of these stores are necessary live at the moment, and some appear to be placeholders as retailers get their stock ready to appear in Google's system. Others have their availability limited to specific areas. But if any do look appealing to you, click on through and see what they might have to sell.