In tech blogging circles, this past month has been something of a phoneocalypse. Between Google's Pixel 3, Huawei's Mate 20 variants, the LG V40 ThinQ, and the anticipated, but as yet unreleased, OnePlus 6T (among a longer list of devices), a large number of popular names have decided to push a new phone out this October. With every OEM competing for your attention in such a narrow window, which of this month's phones had/has you the most excited?

Given our demographic, I wouldn't be surprised if the new set of Pixels end up near the top of the results. We tend to get a lot of Android-as-Android enthusiasts in the comments section, and mobile viewer stats indicate Pixel owners are the largest phone group among readers. Even so, some of those same folks tend to go for OnePlus phones when they're on a budget, and Huawei's camera performance could have swayed a few over to the EMUI side — at least, in markets where the Mate 20 Pro is being sold.

Gaming phones are still a bit niche, but mobile gaming certainly isn't. The desire to git gud, or merely be capable of anything, could be driving more people toward the new Razer Phone 2 and ASUS ROG Phone — which was technically revealed much earlier, but recently went on sale in the US. If you're on a more strict budget, the Nokia 7.1's impressive value could be more your style.

So, which phone from this October (which is almost over) were/are you most excited for?

Which October phone announcement got you most excited?

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