Google's official Android distribution numbers give us an insight into which OS versions are still being used, and serve as a visual representation of the platform's fragmentation. The stats have just been updated again for October, and Android 9 Pie is still nowhere to be seen.

The numbers below were gathered over a seven-day period, ending on October 26th (any versions with less than 0.1% usage are not included):

If you'd rather see a visual representation, here's this month's Pie-less pie graph:

Every version older than 8.0 Oreo dropped in usage this past month, with Android Gingerbread back to 0.2% (it was 0.3% in August and September). Android Oreo has gained some ground, with 8.0 rising to 14% and 8.1 to 7.5%. Android 9 Pie is still not listed, which means it has less than 0.1% usage worldwide — even though its final release was nearly three months ago.