Could you or someone you know use a knockin'-around tablet? Considering the holidays are kind of right around the corner (December's five short weeks away!), I'm guessing the answer is yes. Amazon's running a killer deal on its eight-inch Fire tablet, which is currently going for as low as 60 bucks.

If you're looking for something to read comics, futz around on social media, or watch videos on, this is a hard deal to beat. All models of the Fire HD 8 are currently $20 off; that means the 16-gigabyte model with ads is just $59.99. Ad-free versions and ones with higher storage capacity are discounted, too — depending on what you want, prices go up to $104.99 — but that base model is at a really tempting price point.

The tablet comes in black, blue, yellow, or red, so if you're picking up more than one, you'll be able to keep them straight. There are deals on the Fire 7 and Fire HD 10, too: the 7 is $10 off, starting at $39.99, while the HD 10 is $30 off, going for $119.99 and up. Stock up while you can.