Security cameras are a smart thing to have. Best Buy's got a deal on one particularly compelling cam, the Canary All-in-One. Right now, when you buy the camera, you get a free Echo Spot. Not a bad deal considering the Spot is $129.99 on its own.

The $139.99 Canary features a 1080p sensor, wide-angle lens, and infrared night vision, so you can keep track of everything going on in your house regardless of the time of day. You'll get a notification if the camera detects motion when you're not home, and you can stream video from the camera to your phone (or, hey, that Echo Spot).

There are no hoops to jump through to get the Echo Spot; you don't need to enter a coupon code or even add both items to your cart. The Spot is added automatically when you select the Canary. Best Buy doesn't say how long the deal is good for, but if you've been shopping for either a security camera or an Echo Spot, jump on this.