Mazda said last year that Android Auto would be making its way to its vehicles — sometime. Now we now when: the automaker has announced that in August, an update is coming to its MZD Connect infotainment system that will allow for the use of Android Auto.

MZD Connect debuted with the 2014 Mazda3 and has been an option on most recent Mazda vehicles. Android Auto will have all the usual functionality in Mazda vehicles with one curious exception: it won't be controllable through the touch screen. You'll have to use the "HMI Commander rotary control knob" to do everything, even when the vehicle is stationary. Adding to the weirdness is that Apple CarPlay, which will also be supported following August's update, will have touch controls.

Before Android Auto was even announced, an enterprising Mazda3 owner got it up and running in his car — but the method was hacky and the finished product was buggy. Mazda owners will surely appreciate official support.

The MZD Connect update is scheduled to be available beginning on August 6.

Mazda made this announcement via its European press website. A date for other markets, including the United States, has yet to be confirmed.

The Android Auto website was updated to mark that it has now launched on Mazda. Compatible models are:

  • Mazda6 2018-
  • CX-9 2019-

We don't know if this launch is happening in all countries where Auto is supported and the cars are available, or still in select markets. But if you've already bought one of these models or are planning on doing so, check with your dealer to see if Auto is available to you.

Google has just updated its Mazda Android Auto support page to indicate compatibility with two additional models:

  • CX-5 2019-
  • CX-8 2019-