Whether he's attempting to destroy an expensive phone or turning one into something even more beautiful by making it transparent, JerryRigEverything's (real name, Zack) videos are essential viewing. The latest phone whose durability he tests is the Razer Phone 2 — which we reviewed here — let's see how it gets on.

The anodized aluminum frame and buttons all act as you'd expect, scratching up but not taking anything other than superficial damage. Since it's made from Gorilla Glass 5, the screen is on par with most Android flagships, but the plastic speaker grills do look a little prone to damage.

When it came to the burn test, although the hot part of the screen went black, it did recover. Finally, in the famous bend test, the device barely showed any flex, so it won't be snapping in half any time soon. All in all, the Razer Phone 2 passes Zack's examination with flying colors, so potential buyers can be sure it'll stand the tests of time, scalpels, fire, and brute force.