It's a little behind some other OEMs, but Samsung's Android 9 Pie beta is coming and we've already had a glimpse of what it will look like. We've received new screens from an anonymous user who's been able to download the beta build (G965USQU3ZRJ7) on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ a little early, so we now have an even clearer picture of the upcoming Samsung Experience 10.

Perhaps the most obvious difference from the first leak is the consistent system-wide typeface, coming just two years after SamsungOne was debuted. The rounder, friendlier font is rather nice, reminiscent of Google's Product Sans, and is now used throughout. The home screen and navigation buttons remain unchanged, and the quick settings panel has been refined and now features larger, bolder type.

The messages app and dialer are looking clean, also improved by the new glyphs. Other screenshots from XDA Developers also show what these apps look with Samsung's dark mode enabled, although they appear to be from an earlier build.

Switching between apps via the Overview screen (below left) is very similar to the Android 9 Pie default we see on Pixel devices, with smaller app previews than in the last leak. Samsung has it's own gesture navigation system that you can change to (below center). This appeared on another Samsung device recently, and I think it looks quite promising — certainly better than Google's slipshod solution.

There are also a number of smaller tweaks to app design and iconography, with the whole thing looking very polished — a far cry from the TouchWiz of yesteryear. It can't be too long before this starts rolling out to users who have signed up to beta test with their Galaxy S9/S9+. We'll let you know as soon as it does.

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