Last month, Google announced a pile of changes to both Search and Google Images, including coming Lens integration. The feature would allow interested parties to interact with media in Google Images to learn more about its content, via the magic of AI. If you've used Lens on your phone before, this is pretty similar, but applied to content in Google Images. According to a blog post today and our own confirmation, the feature is now rolling out.

Lens is able to both tell you more about what it recognizes in a given image, find other images it thinks may be related, and can even help with shopping if you spot something you'd like. Should you prefer to guide its results in even greater detail, you can more precisely draw around the object you'd like information about.

We tested out the new feature ourselves and can confirm that it is live and working as advertised. Google says that it has rolled Lens in Google Images out on mobile in the US for those searching in English, with other countries, languages, and devices to come soon.