Let's face it: some corners of YouTube are just plain disturbing. To save our children from seeing the dankest of memes before they're ready, YouTube Kids exists — a platform where you can set limits on what sort of content your little one can see, how long they can watch videos, and even whether or not they can use the search bar. Google is now broadening YouTube Kids' reach by expanding support to Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays, Google Home, and Cast TVs.

The update came along with the roll-out of Digital Wellbeing features to Google Home speakers earlier this week, and the two services work well in tandem. Users can set up a filter to make YouTube Kids the only video platform available to your children, and a "Downtime" mode can disable commands completely for certain times within the day — useful for setting an offline time for play or homework, for instance. Previously, these settings were only available for Family Link users.

Additionally, while YouTube Kids was already available on Android TV and LG, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs, the new support for any Cast-connected TV brings it to a much larger demographic.

To manage your YouTube Kids account through Google Assistant, head to settings and find it in the "Videos and Photos" section. It looks like a gradual roll out, so you may not see it just yet, but with any luck it will arrive soon.