A busted phone usually leaves you with two options: an expensive and lengthy repair by the manufacturer or doing it yourself with potentially suspect parts. Motorola is getting together with iFixit to offer certified repair kits for some of its phones. You get OEM parts, tools, and instructions to get the job done.

Phones today are designed to be sleek and powerful at the same time. That's great to entice people to buy, but it makes repairing a pain. The iFixit Motorola kits include options for swapping displays and batteries on a number of phones—those are the most common repair jobs. You get a screwdriver with the necessary bits, some spudgers, picks, tweezers, and (sometimes) a heating pad to melt the adhesive that's so common in today's smartphones. There's also an official Motorola replacement part in each kit.

The display kits are between $75 and $200, depending on the model. The battery kits are $40 or less. iFixit lists 17 kits right now covering devices like the Moto Z Force, Moto G5, Moto X Pure, and even the original Moto X. It would be nice to see some more modern phones like the Z2 family supported, but this is a good start.