Following last year's bitcoin-led explosion in cryptocurrency value and media exposure, the topic has more or less left the public consciousness at large. Crypto still has its share of die-hard proponents, though, and HTC is going after them directly with the Exodus 1, which you can now pre-order — but only if you've got bitcoin or Ether to pony up.

The Exodus 1 was announced in May, although back then, it was just the Exodus — I'm dubious there'll be an Exodus 2, which seems to be the implication here. It's a thoroughly 2018 device with all the specs you'd expect (and it's suspiciously similar to another recent HTC phone). It's interesting to look at, too, with its transparent back and what certainly appear to be fake internal components. It even comes with a pair of wired earbuds and a clear case.


Display 6" QHD+
Software Android O
CPU Snapdragon 845
Storage 128GB
Cameras 12+16MP rear, 8+8MP front
Battery 3500 mAh
Water resistance IP68
Price About $965

But that's not why anybody will buy the thing. The Exodus 1 features a secure enclave specifically for storing cryptocurrency keys, which HTC calls the Zion Wallet. It's kept separate from Android to help prevent access to your holdings by hackers. Why not?

If this sounds like your jam, you can reserve yours today, but you'd better already have some crypto holdings. You can pre-order the device for 0.15 bitcoin or 4.78 Ether — which, as of right now, is equal to $958.14 or $967.62, respectively. Units are expected to ship in December.