Google has announced a couple of significant changes to Play Movies & TV that will have a considerable impact on owners of 4K televisions. Starting today, some previously-purchased movies will automatically be upgraded to 4K quality once it's available. The price of newly-purchased 4K content on the platform is also going down.

We saw signs these changes were coming last week. Movies "from participating Hollywood studios" — that's Fox, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Sony, and Warner Bros — purchased in SD or HD quality will be available to stream in 4K as soon as that quality is available. That might sting a little if you've already amassed a library of 4K movies, but early adoption always comes at a premium. The free upgrade only applies to movies purchased before today, so don't go buying a bunch of standard definition content in hopes it'll appreciate in value.

More good (or annoying, depending on your purchase history) news: the average price of 4K films on Google Play is now lower than before. You can check out Google's top 4K movies here; some can be had for prices in the single digits.

Most 4K Samsung Smart TVs are now able to stream 4K content in the Google Play Movies & TV app, too, something that previously required external hardware like a Chromecast Ultra. Google says it's working with LG to get the functionality up and running on that company's sets, as well.

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