A common complaint about Facebook's apps (and, really, apps in general) is that they suffer from feature creep: the tendency for products to add more and more often unwanted features on top of the core functionality they originally became popular for. Messenger is a prime example of this trend, having gone from a simple instant messaging app to sort of a bloated mess. Facebook wants to make that right with the simplified Messenger 4, which is rolling out to everyone starting today.

The new Messenger is organized into three tabs: Chats, which lists your individual and group messages in chronological order; People, which features friends you may want to message and their Stories; and Discover, which is where Facebook has wedged all the other cruft that's making you consider leaving the platform, like games and business contacts.

Facebook says that in a survey, seven out of 10 respondents told the company simplicity is a top priority when choosing a messaging platform, and it believes that the new layout "put(s) the focus back on messaging and connecting." No features have been removed, though; only reorganized. The update actually adds some features, like the option to change the colors of chat bubbles. Facebook also announced that it plans to add a Dark Mode theme to the app in the near future.

Some users started seeing the redesigned interface nearly a month ago, but it was a relatively small subset. This update is rolling out "globally over the coming weeks," beginning today.