Google is really pushing celebrity endorsements with its Pixel 3 marketing, with the likes of Eminem already used to show off the phone's video recording capabilities. That was a feature on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the whole show seems to be sponsored by Google, as you can see from these cheesy new spots.

Two new videos have appeared on the Made by Google YouTube channel, which you can watch below. First up, you'll see Jimmy and Guillermo testing out the wide-angle selfie camera on the Pixel 3 in a bar, with some lame "comedic" narrative crowbarred in, of course.

Next, we see Guillermo wandering around New York testing out Google Lens on various locations and objects. It's slightly less cringeworthy than the last one, but not by much.

Google clearly wants more people to know about the Pixel line, but it would be good if it could find some less hammy ways to do it. Oh look, here's Gordon Ramsey identifying ingredients with a Pixel 3 — part of the "Unboxing the Pixel 3 with the Stars" series. Good job, because he would obviously have no idea what a f**king quail is without it.