It's been a few months since I shared my list of 10 things I wished Google Home would do, and in the time since, three of these have come true and two were sort of working already and have been improved. One more item could soon become a reality, and it's the one we've all been asking for in the past months: Google Keep integration with Assistant.

Replying to a commenter on Reddit, Googler al3d confirmed that Assistant's shopping lists will be coming back to Keep for those who prefer to use the service. The news isn't really surprising, but we just love hearing the sounds of those words. Google had officially announced Keep integration in Assistant in July, and Cody has found many signs of proper list support for Assistant, the latest of which points to multiple list providers being available and Assistant being able to sync to the one you choose.

When Keep integration in Assistant was removed last April, users were forced to use Google Express, which lacks random list support (it's only made for shopping), doesn't work offline, and isn't compatible with smartwatches. Despite improvements to its UI, Express was never really loved as a Keep replacement and it's great to see that we won't be forced to use it for much longer. Now, all we can do is wait.