Google Assistant gained support for Hindi in March, then Google Home and Home Mini launched in India in April. You would think that one is related to the other and that users in India were able to speak to Home in Hindi, but that was not true. Their phones supported Hindi as well as English (India), but their smart speakers only understood and spoke the latter. But that's changing now.

At the Google for India event in August, Google promised that Hindi support for Home would be launching soon, and now it's finally here. You can change your Assistant's language settings to pick between any two pairs, and Hindi is one of them.

To change the languages of Assistant (on both your phone and Google Home), open the Google Home app, go to the Account tab (bottom right), and tap Settings. Move to the Assistant tab then select Languages. You can then choose the two options that suit you best.


I have verified that Hindi does indeed work on Google Home (I used Google Translate to test some commands) and that it's compatible with multi-lingual support, so you can have both English and Hindi selected at the same time.

Google has officially announced support for Hindi on Google Home.

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