When it comes to wireless chargers, the biggest drawback of most of them is they make it hard to see or use your phone while it charges. Chargers that mount your phone in a way that faces you tend to have various mechanisms that add extra steps to putting the phone on or taking the phone off of the charger. Scosche's MagicMount Pro Charge, however, gives you a top notch wireless charger that places your phone in perfect view and without any cumbersome gadgets to keep it in place.

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First of all, the MagicMount Pro Charge is as good of a wireless charger you could ask for, disregarding the convenience and ergonomics. You get the widely-followed Qi standard and output up to 10W, meaning devices that support the latest and great fast wireless charging are supported. It also includes bonus safety features like foreign object detection to avoid overcharging and overheating.

Then we get to the form factor. Rather than having to do something like fiddle with retractable arms to keep your phone attached to the charger, you just use the power of magnets! Put a secure, removable magnetic decal on the back of your device and it will cling to the MagicMount Pro Charge with no added effort. You might have heard that magnets are not good for phones, but these are completely harmless to your device.

The base of the MagicMount Pro suctions to your desk or whichever surface you choose, so the whole setup is quite sturdy and of course can be moved without any hassle.

Sold? Well you can buy one for $69 at Scosche's website. If you want to try your luck first, see below.

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