Music has always been integral to the success of YouTube, and the platform is well aware of the importance of its relationship with the entertainment industry. As good as watching a music video or live performance can be, it's no substitute for actually seeing your favorite artists live. YouTube wants to connect the two experiences and has partnered with gig ticket seller Ticketmaster to do just that.

Ticketing within the YouTube app seems like a no-brainer, and from today it will be possible to see the US tour schedules for hundreds of artists when viewing one of their official videos. It will even be able to tell you which show is nearest to your location, and when you decide you'd like to go there's a direct link to Ticketmaster so you can securely buy a verified ticket.

The feature will only work for gigs in North America to begin with, but there are plans to roll it out around the world in future. It's all part of YouTube's commitment to foster meaningful connections between artists and fans. That or it's so people will use YouTube more and generate more revenue. Either way, it's pretty cool.

Eventbrite links are coming to YouTube videos too

If Ticketmaster thought it was going to have a monopoly on selling gig tickets through YouTube, it must think again. In exactly the same vein, Google has signed a deal with Eventbrite to add its own ticket links for US performances. According to the YouTube blog post, this means that 70% of North American ticketing is now covered. It looks like Eventbrite is flexing its muscles after its recent IPO.