Google finally brought location sharing back to Maps in 2017, and it's getting more useful today. Well, in the latest version of Maps, which started rolling out a few days ago. You can now share your trip progress (as opposed to just your location) via third-party apps. Plus, trip sharing works on iOS just in case you should ever find yourself holding an iPhone for some reason.

To share your trip progress, tap the up arrow (^) in Maps while navigating. "Share trip progress" is one of the options there. After sharing, your chosen contacts will be able to watch your progress in real time via Maps, and then sharing automatically ends. None of that is new. The change for Android users is that you can share your trip progress with people via other apps. These sharing targets appear under the contacts. Just pick one, and send the trip link.

Google's primary pitch today is that trip sharing works on Maps for iOS now. This is not directly relevant to us, but you might as well be aware. Back on Android, make sure you have the latest version of Maps (v10.1 or later) for the new sharing options.

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