If you're interested in understanding your smartphone usage and limiting the time you spend pointlessly scrolling through social networks, Digital Wellbeing can be a nice — if not perfect — tool in your arsenal. First announced at I/O 2018, this suite of phone control features remained a Pixel exclusive before starting to spread to more devices. The Nokia 7 Plus got access to it last month, and now we know why it was this device specifically that got it: Digital Wellbeing is officially expanding to Android One phones.

The Play Store changelog for the app now mentions (new part in bold):

To try the new features, you must be a Beta tester and have a Google Pixel or Android One phone with Android 9 Pie.

So Android One phones with Pie can now access Digital Wellbeing. So far, that's technically only the Nokia 7 Plus and 6.1 Plus (if you're enrolled in the Pie beta). Even though some devices, like the Essential Phone, have a near-stock interface, it doesn't seem like they'll be able to officially download the app. Maybe Google will slowly lift the limitation with time, but for now, that's the current state of affairs.

Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free