It's been more than three years since Google rolled out its first pre-registration apps and games on the Play Store. In the time since, the program has expanded a little, but has remained exclusive to select developers. If you were a small team with limited resources and releases, odds are you couldn't even find where to get started with the process of joining in. This meant that the only apps/games available for pre-registration for us users have always been some big-name titles, and a limited selection at that. But things are changing now.

If you're a Google Play developer who has always wanted to open up pre-registration for your app/game before its release, you can now apply for early access. You'll need to have an APK already uploaded in the Play Console and to be ready to open up your pre-registration by December 15, 2018. If you match those criteria, you can fill out a form with some details about the development status, testing tools, marketing strategy, and more.

Those whose application gets approved will benefit from the various perks of pre-registration. They can get interest rolling before launch date and every user who registers will be notified when the app/game is available, which can drive up installs very quickly. Some developers also seem to be able to set up pre-registration milestones that unlock in-app items and features for those who sign up, but it's not clear if this option will be open for all developers to implement.

If you're a Google Play developer and this is something you've wanted to offer, you can read more and apply at the source link below.