On the night of October 6, New Yorkers were confused by an unusual light display on the Empire State Building. Turns out it was for the shooting of an Eminem video that was captured (at least for the most part) on Pixel 3 phones.

The video, which features Em making his way to the top of the skyscraper while performing the song "Venom" from his recent album Kamikaze, premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live. At several points throughout, crew can be seen recording video with Pixel phones on gimbals. There are a couple of shots near the beginning that seem like they were probably recorded with proper video cameras, but the majority looks to have been shot on the company's new phone.

Google is yet to release an official statement about the video.

The Pixel 2 was featured in a similar stunt in April, when the phone was used to shoot the video for John Legend's "A Good Night." We know Legend's voice is set to be an option for Google Assistant later this year; does this mean we'll eventually be able to have our questions answered by Slim Shady? Probably not.