Having a baby is stressful, or so I'm told. Many new parents opt to place a baby monitor in their child's room for peace of mind, so they can keep an eye on things without having to walk in. Arlo's high-tech solution, Arlo Baby, is currently on sale for $160, $40 off its usual $200 price.

This particular model comes with accessories that make the camera look like a cyclops bunny, but you can get other attachments to style it as a dog or a cat. The camera itself is pretty feature-rich; it's got the normal trimmings of a high-end baby monitor, like night vision and a speaker, but it also has sensors for temperature, humidity, and air quality. You can monitor the data the camera collects and control its other functions, like a night light feature and lullaby player, from your phone.

Amazon reviews are generally positive, with 64 percent of reviewers awarding the camera five stars. Some buyers report it can be buggy, though, which obviously isn't something you want in a baby monitor. Still, it works for most, and if its feature set seems appealing to you, it's worth a look. You can find the Arlo Baby for this sale price at Amazon and Best Buy.