October 30 can't come soon enough. If the previous weeks are anything to go by, OnePlus will milk the hype machine for its upcoming 6T until the very last drop, trickling down one small announcement every day. It's too much, and personally, I'm starting to feel dirty every time we cave in and cover these antics. But OnePlus fans would burry us in tips if we didn't, so here we are. The latest OnePlus 6T news, however, is nothing short of a majestic clickbait — in all meanings of the term.

OnePlus is launching a new "Unlock Your Speed" campaign to give you voucher codes for its stores, unlock milestones to reveal more details about the 6T (as if we didn't know everything already), and give one winner the grand prize of OnePlus devices for life (25 years). Granted that any company can guarantee staying in business that long.

The catch? Everything, really. You have to head over to this page, which only works on mobile, no desktop. Sign up with your email, wait for the email to reach you, click the link inside, which takes you back to the same page, enter your username, and then you're good to go. All you have to do is tap. And tap. And tap. Repeatedly. The first milestone is 60 taps. Easy enough. The second, 60,000. SIXTY THOUSAND.

This is clearly a clickbait made for anyone who has way too much free time on their hands. Want to give OnePlus your life for the next few weeks? Sure. It'll be happy to let you tap, and tap, and tap, and then tap some more. For the infinitely minuscule chance of being the schmuck who tapped the most. And there will be challenges to keep an eye on. They will be shared on social media so, you know, you'll have to have one eye on OnePlus' accounts while tapping that webpage at the same time, lest someone tap more than you.

Please don't do this. Don't feed into the silliness.

Alternate title: OnePlus contest is tapped out, but that won't stop crazy fans from tapping into it