Last year, Google caught flack for equipping the Pixel 2 XL with one of LG's new mobile OLED panels. While the display wasn't bad in my estimation, it definitely was not as good as the panels on other phones in the same price range. Even the first-gen Pixels looked better. If you place any faith in DisplayMate, the Pixel 3 XL will be much improved.

DisplayMate didn't test the Pixel 2 XL last year, but the issues with the display were well-known. It had blue color casting at off-angles, the colors were a bit off, and the "purple smear" effect was more obvious than other screens. Google seems to have gone out of its way to send DisplayMate an early unit so it could test the display.

So, this doesn't tell us much other than DisplayMate likes the display. The iPhone X also won the "DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award." The site regularly gushes about Samsung's OLEDs, but it doesn't test all phones.

The Pixel 2 XL had an LG OLED panel, but we don't know about the 3XL. It may be another LG part, though. Based on David's time with the V40, LG's OLED quality is much improved this year. DisplayMate will have a full analysis on October 15th, which will hopefully include comparisons with Samsung's latest screens.

Display Mate's full Pixel 3 XL report is now out

As announced by the company on Twitter, Display Mate's in-depth assessment of the Pixel 3 XL screen is now up on its site. The post elaborates on the A+ rating it already revealed and goes into detail about the excellent color accuracy and performance. Google even gets a Best Smartphone Display Award for its troubles, and joins the iPhone X/XS, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy S9 in the "top tier" of mobile phone screens. Take a look at the full report for the exhaustive analysis.