When you use headphones during serious exercise, the details can really matter. Your feet pounding the pavement can jar the buds loose in a way that just doesn't happen when you're relaxing in a coffee shop. If you want some wireless headphones that are extensively customizable to fit when the going gets tough, can last 10 hours on a single charge, and deliver audiophile-quality sound at the same time, then Optoma's NuForce BE Sport4 is for you.

Let's be clear: The NuForce BE Sport4 wireless headphones are a premium product, something to get if you really care about quality. You might not have guessed this because you are getting a lot more than the $79 retail price normally will get you.

For exercise headphones, the most important things are whether they will stay in your ear and feel comfortable in the process. Doing exercise puts more stress on the fit of the buds since they can be jarred and pulled loose by your movements. All the other features in the world won't matter if you can't keep them in your ears and/or they just feel wrong.

The BE Sport4 set, as described in Android Police's review, includes a number of different ear tips and wings to offer you a number of ways to get things feeling right. Beyond the size options, the SpinFit TwinBlade® ear tips are more comfortable, stable, and noise isolating than the industry standard that you're probably used to.

There is no skimping on materials quality either, with 6mm graphene drivers and support for the latest audio encoding standards. The cable itself is made using DuPont Kevlar bulletproof fiber, so there's no need to worry about what might happen if they happen to get caught on something or take a rough ride in your gym bag. The IPX5 sweat and water resistance rating means there's no need to worry if the summer heat — or rain — leaves you pretty wet when all is said and done.

You also get a battery designed to keep you from ever having to worry about having enough juice to get you through your workouts. With 10 hours of playback time at a full charge, everyone but Forrest Gump will have no problem getting through long sessions. And if you're the type who sometimes forgets to charge them up, you'll love the quick charging feature. It takes only 15 minutes, which for many is about the time it takes to get to a gym, to get enough charge for 2 hours of playback.

The inline mic and controls, with support for Google Assistant, should also serve the crucial function of keeping your phone in your pocket or wherever you store it while you're on the go.

There is even more to like about the NuForce BE Sport4. You can learn more or buy now for $79 at Amazon.

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