Popping your smartphone into a headset is the most basic form of virtual reality technology, but of those devices, the Google Daydream View is a high-quality option. Right now, the 2017 Daydream View is 60 percent off and the 2016 Daydream View is 62 percent off through Verizon, making it a good time to purchase either device if you've been eyeing a simple mobile VR accessory. The 2017 version comes in at $40, down from $100 at regular price, while the 2016 device is $30, down from $80. 

Currently, Verizon seems to be the only place where this pricing is offered, in an apparent effort to get rid of old stock. Note: to see the reduced price, you have to head to the shopping cart. You don't have to be a wireless subscriber with Verizon, however — just check out as a guest.

Google's $99 2017 Daydream View is only available in its Coral color. If you'd prefer a different color and a $10 reduction in price, there's also a strong argument to be made for the 2016 Daydream View —  the specs are quite similar, and some even prefer the 2016 Daydream View's lenses over the custom fresnel setup in the 2017.

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Both 2017 and 2016 versions are available on sale at Verizon, not just the 2016 Daydream View.