This past week was all about the Pixel 3, and if you're anything like us, right now you're looking to save money any which way you can in order to get your pre-order in for one of Google's latest handsets. Of course, just because you're putting together your Pixel 3 fund doesn't mean you can't drop a little cash elsewhere, and we've spotted a few deals that will hook you up with some desirable tech while also leaving you with money to spare.

Philips Hue hardware: 20% to 33% off

You may tell people you're interested in smart home devices because you love the convenience, and the ability to remotely control your setup, but let's be real: smart lighting is fun because of all the crazy colors it can be set to. At a tap you can go orange for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas. The Woot deal we recently saw on Philips Hue hardware may already be over, but Amazon's offers are still going strong, with up to 33% off select lighting solutions.

JBL speakers and headphones: up to $50 off

There are thousands of options out there for how you consume your music, and JBL's got more than a few attractive choices in its lineup. More than just cranking out your tunes, JBL's hardware often packs in extra like Google Assistant integration. Right now you can save up to $50 off the company's audio accessories, available from your choice of retailer.

Pixel 3 fabric cases: 25% off

Fabric cases can be tricky. On one hand, they look quite nice (out of the box, at least), and can offer a slightly more refined design than cheap plastic cases. But they can also have a nasty tendency to fray, coming apart at the edges and quickly losing that initial appeal. While we wait to see if manufacturers can solve that problem for good, at least Verizon's got Pixel 3 fabric cases available at a nice discount, slashing 25% off the launch price.

LG phones on Project Fi: $350 savings

Google loves to entice users to try Project Fi with some nice hardware deals, regularly offering hundreds of dollars off current-generation flagship phones. The details of these sales tend to shift over the months, but right now we've got one of the most competitive we've seen in recent memory. Shoppers picking up a new LG G7 or V35 will score $200 off the phone itself, and receive an additional $150 in Fi service credits, for an effective savings of $350.

SanDisk Ultra microSD cards: just crazy cheap, OK?

Amazon's prices on microSD cards have become almost impossible to keep up with. They shift day-to-day, and it seems like every time we check in on the prices they're just about the lowest we've ever seen. Right now you can grab SanDisk cards for as low as under $25 for 128GB. That's a heck of a lot of storage for next to nothing.

Arlo Q camera 2-pack: $72 off

About a year ago, the best deal we could find on Arlo Q security cameras was $130 a piece — and that wasn't too bad. Fast forward to 2018, and we're looking at a two-pack of Arlo Q cameras for under $210 — quite the bundle deal. Sadly, single cameras aren't similarly discounted, but we'll take what we can get.