The LG G7 ThinQ has a bad name, but it's not a bad phone now that carriers have chopped the price down a little. Over at Verizon, the phone just got an update, and unlike most maintenance updates, this one made a lot of helpful little changes. It's not Pie, but at least it's something.

This is the second update Verizon has released for the LG G7 ThinQ. It has build number G710VM10f and includes the September security patch level. Here's the changelog.

Both Fingerprint registration and Face registration are available in setup wizard.

  • This is a new screen layout to show all screen unlock methods.

Wi-Fi network status is reflected on Quick Setting’s Wi-Fi toggle button.

  • This implementation follows stock Android behavior.

The square camera modes have been brought back.

  • G7 now supports Grid shot, Snap shot, and Guide shot.

New pop-ups and setting menu

  • Battery warning text has been added to the Brightness boost guide popup. The user can tap "Settings" to jump to the "Brightness boost auto timeout" setting. The default value is set to "2 min," which will automatically turn off boost mode 2 minutes after activation.

New pop-ups and setting menu.

  • Battery warning text is provided as a popup when user raises the screen brightness slider above 80% for the first time.

No more missing battery % on the status bar.

  • As-is: Due to space limitation on status bar area, battery % wasn't displayed when the Display size setting was changed to middle or large.
  • To-be: Now battery % won't disappear even if the display size is raised.

Flexible system icons will appear on the status bar.

  • System icons such as Bluetooth®, NFC, Sound profile, DND, Mobile Hotspot, roaming and more will appear in a flexible slot on the status bar.

New Pop-up UI flow

  • User can tap the Timer button to choose from an options list popup. A "5 sec" option is newly supported.

Quickly scroll up to the top of list.

  • The Go to top button is supported in Gallery, Music, Messaging, Contacts, Recent call logs, and Groups lists.

Selectively hide virtual albums from the albums list

  • User can select "Albums to display" from the overflow menu and choose which virtual albums to hide from albums list view.

Pinch to change thumbnail view

  • Help guides to change layout view or font size in Gallery, Phone, Messaging, LG Email, and QuickMemo+ app are provided. Find the help guide in the overflow menu of each app.

Touch and hold on a media file to share it

  • User can touch and hold on a media file and select "Share" from the context menu.

Find helpful information from the external link

  • In the event of moisture detection and USB cable connection error, a "Get help" link is provided.
  • When User taps the "Get help" link, they will be taken to an external link (LG web page) with helpful tips to solve the problem.

So, nothing in there is groundbreaking, but there are some thoughtful improvements. For example, LG is striving to make the status bar work better with the notch. It would be nice if we didn't need workarounds for a notch in the first place, but oh well. This update also makes all your unlock options more visible during initial setup and warns you about leaving brightness boost on for long periods of time.

As with all Verizon updates, you'll need WiFi to download this one, and it may take several days to roll out to all phones.