Google knows no limits when it comes to adding new partners to its growing collection of Google Express retailers, and for the past few months now it's felt like every couple weeks we're seeing dozens of new stores register. That trend is not slowing down in October, and while it hasn't even been two weeks since we last caught up with all the Google Express additions, we've already got 40 new stores to check out.

A lot of these new Google Express stores continue to be lower-profile outlets, but lately there's been some small progress towards adding bigger brands. Last time we told you about Best Buy coming to Google's service, and this week beauty giant Sephora joins the ranks.

Of course, no Google Express store update would be complete without (yet another) new Halloween costume shop, and we've very much got one of those here. Add in a few clothing companies, some home-goods stores, and we're looking at another pretty solid Google Express update. Take a look at all the new additions for yourself:

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