Usually, pre-registering to be notified of an app's release is a simple click of a button over on the Play Store, but for some reason, that usually straightforward process seems to have hit a snag. For many, selecting pre-register on a Play Store app listing doesn't actually appear to do anything. On refresh, the relevant button flips right back to say "pre-register" again.

Notably, this issue only seems to affect the web version of the Play Store. Registering via the Android app works fine, but registration settings made at the site don't appear to stick, and we don't know why.

Curiously, not everyone seems to be affected, either. Most of us here at Android Police are running into the issue, but it is working correctly for at least one of us. The easiest way to tell if you're affected is to check a random pre-registration title (there's a whole list of them here [Update: Google killed that link for some reason]), select pre-register, and refresh the page to see if the setting sticks.

The issue likely hasn't been around for too long, as my pre-registration settings from a few days ago seem to have persisted. While we don't know the cause, I expect Google will have this bit of pre-registration wonk in the Play Store fixed soon.

All better now

As expected, Google was quick to fix the issue. Pre-registrations are now behaving as we'd expect and as they used to. After selecting the option and refreshing, it indicates that you've successfully registered.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.