Xiaomi's Pocophone F1 has become a popular point of comparison in the Android flagship space, but no less popular is the Poco Launcher, with nearly half a million installs via the early access program on the Play Store, plus an extra third of a million via APK Mirror. Well, it looks like the Poco Launcher has seen enough testing over the last couple of months for Xiaomi to consider it stable, as today's update has lost its previous "beta" label.

For more details on what the Poco Launcher is like, you can check out our previous coverage, where I had a (very quick) hands-on with it. Alternatively, you can also just download it and check it out for yourself, should you dare. The Play Store listing is no longer tied to the beta program registration. Although the testing program does seem to be sticking around, anyone that wants to can download the app via the Play Store.

The new, stable version of the app is labeled as version, and it started rolling out today, with a surprisingly boring changelog considering it's the first stable release:

1.Fixed some bugs in this version
2. Optimize performance and improve the fluency

You don't need a Pocophone F1 to use the Launcher, so if you're curious, feel free to download this latest, stable version over on the Play Store or via those fine folks at APK Mirror.