Google's first-party cases might be a bit on the chunky side, but they're nice enough to make up for the added thickness, and customers in Japan will be getting an extra benefit with their phone protection. Google's doing a whole collection of regionally exclusive (and super snazzy) cases for the country, and they come with their own AR experiences.

None of us here at AP speak Japanese, so we have to rely on the magic of Google translate, but based on the text included at the Japanese site, these cases may be limited editions designed by leading artists in Tokyo. Accompanying the on-trend designs is an AR experience of some kind (release date TBD), which allows owners to "experience the expression method drawn on the case," according to an improved translation by 9to5Google.

AR-aside, the cases are pretty cool. I'm digging the Walnut and STEREO TENNIS designs (the first two in the gallery above) hard.

Google is also planning an exhibit called "The Unseen World" at the upcoming DESIGNART with installations by at least some of the same artists that made these cases, as well as providing an advance look at the Pixel 3 ahead of its formal Japanese launch in November. Interested parties can check out the price details, which include dates and location, at the source link below.