LG phones probably haven't been getting much love on Project Fi, especially with the introductions of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, so the Google MVNO has decided to spice things up a bit. Both LG flagships are now being offered for $200 off, bringing the G7 down to $549 and the V35 to $699, with $150 free Fi service credit to sweeten the deal. This beats last month's deal out by $50.

The $200 discount and $150 service credit combine to effectively make the G7 just $399 and the V35 $549, which we're sure many of you in the comments will say is "what they should've been priced at in the first place." (We know you all too well.)

As with many Fi deals, there are a few terms you must satisfy. The phone must be activated within 30 days on a SIM with full service (data-only won't work). You must be 18 or older and have both a Google Payments and a Project Fi account. There's a limit of one phone per customer (or one phone per member of a group plan). The $150 will be credited to your bill 45-60 days after activation. Lastly, the service credit will be taken away if the order is returned or canceled.

We're not sure when this deal will end, so get on it quickly if you're on Fi and have been looking to pick either LG phone up.