Google announced the Pixel 3 and 3 XL yesterday, and there was a lot to unpack even though we knew basically everything about the phones from leaks. Sometimes the small stuff can fall through the cracks on announcement day, but some potential buyers were concerned about several apparently missing LTE bands. Now, Google confirms support is either already available or coming soon.

If you perused the official Google Store Pixel 3 specs yesterday, you might have noticed that the LTE bands seemed a little incomplete. There was no band 30 LTE for AT&T. The TD-LTE section was entirely absent, and thus there was no band 41 for Sprint. This naturally worried some, but Google has clarified. Band 41 (2500MHz) will work out of the box—the TD-LTE section was mistakenly left off the page, and this has been fixed.

The uncorrected page

Band 30 (2300MHz) for AT&T is a little more complicated. The Pixel 3 has the necessary hardware, but band 30's omission from the spec sheet was not a mistake. Support for band 30 is "coming soon," according to a Google spokesperson. So, a future update will flip the switch, but you should manage well enough until then. Band 30 is a supplemental frequency, so it isn't essential for AT&T customers.

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