You're either a dog person or you're not. Or maybe your boyfriend slowly hounded you with pictures and videos of puppies until you became a dog person and started drooling everytime you saw a pup. That may or may not be a tail based on personal experience. Regardless of how you fell in love with those fuzzy creatures, your personal life starts revolving around them and you'd want a pawtner who gets that. Dig is a dating app just for you then, and now it's available fur Android.

Dig lets you set up your current dog-owning status and preferences, and fetches you 5 corresponding matches every day. That should avoid you barking up the wrong tree if, for example, you want a small dog and the other person likes them mastiff. Like Tinder, once two people "dig" each other, they can start chatting and chasing down a future together.

Dig suggests dog-friendly dates for you to go on, but whether those end up in happy howls or sad sniffs and poodles of tears, it can't guarantee anything. You just have to trust your instinct and chewse wisely. The app also has tips and tricks for taking care of dogs, plus deals from businesses, so even if you have it a little ruff on the dating side, you can still get something out of it.

Hello iPhone screenshots on the Play Store!

Dig is free to download, but the service seems to be available in limited cities around the US. Ruff. If it's not available where you live, you have my permission to shout, "that's a load of bull!" then wallow in melancollie. But have faith that your time will come and you'll find that perfect dog-loving person soon. I wouldn't worry mush.